Retail Design Architects

We have an expert understanding of how retail, work and leisure spaces enhance your business. 

About Our Retail Design Services

We have different retail design services available to suit your requirements including:


From international retail brands to local independent traders, single site units and national rollout of stores, we understand how the retail space enhances your brand. It is essential to the customer experience, and we can help you create the look and feel that will make your outlet a success. We strive to maximise your retail space, increasing sales and overall profitability of the business. We design for the harmony of people and place, form and function, to animate a building and capture attention with a distinctive store presence.


Whether restaurant, bar, café or hotel, we create spaces that provide a unique experience that drives our approach to all projects. Tackling projects of all sizes, we bring creative energy and our interior design knowledge to work for you. With rigorous analysis and creative brainstorming, we plan solutions to take advantage of your location and maximise your businesses potential.


Workspaces don’t have to be boring. We can create a stimulating place to work, based on your office culture and ethos. Taking into consideration how you intend to utilise the spaces allows workflow to improve and your staff to remain fulfilled. We will work with you to understand the nature of your business and the way it operates to ensure our design solutions meet your business objectives. As a design-led practice and local established business ourselves we want to support businesses in their local economy. We develop authentic and delightful interiors with a strong identity.

Why Choose our Residential Design Services?

  • Our experts work with you through every stage of the design and implementation process.
  • The Andrew Wallace Architects team have experience of working on projects of all sizes. 
  • We commit to improving the quality of your life without impacting the ecological footprint. 
  • Collaboration with clients, engineers, consultants, other designers and artists is the key to our business.

Hire Our Retail Architects

Our team works with you during every step of the design and development process including overseeing the construction of the project on site, meaning you receive high quality expertise. Our goal is to meet the needs of your business and give you the best return on investment. If you have a project to develop – please get in touch.