House Conversion Cheshire

If you have an old house to renovate, we can turn your tired and rundown property into inspiring spaces that will transform your living environment. 

About Our House Conversions in Cheshire

We can draw on the history of your property so that the new design preserves the character and originality. Working with what’s already there, we make period properties more suitable for modern living. From subtle interventions to radical changes, we can transform even the blandest of buildings into an aesthetic delight. Renovating your house will bring environmental benefits and improved energy usage. 

If you have a property and you would like to convert it into multiple flats, we can help to maximise its potential. This simultaneously increases the value of your property and your rental income. Our designs create spacious, bright flats attractive to future tenants or buyers. 

Barn Conversions Cheshire

We also undertake full barn conversions, no matter how dilapidated the condition may be. Through thoughtful, site-specific alterations we can add to and improve the original form and structure of the barn. This will enhance the immediate rural environment, whilst integrating all the functional spaces required for modern living. We will work with you to understand how you live so that the layout of the house is tailored for you.  

Why Choose Our House Conversions in Cheshire?

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Andrew Wallace Architects:

  • We work with private clients and property developers alike on projects large or small. 
  • We can take you through the whole development process from gaining planning permission and building regulations to contractor selection and construction on site.
  • Our experience in both architecture and interior design means you get the complete package.

House Conversions with Andrew Wallace 

Our expert team of architects and interior designers work with you through every step of the conversion process. We ensure your house conversion meets your personal lifestyle. Enquire today to start the process.