This old barn conversion was part of a collection of farm buildings near Stoke on Trent in the Staffordshire greenbelt and originally housed the dairy. It was in a dilapidated state in need of significant repair as well as conversion to a single family dwelling.

The barn, essentially a brick shell with few openings, comprises two elements – a large two storey space connected to a smaller single storey space orientated at 90 degrees. The idea was to maintain as much of the original building and features as possible whilst creating the interventions required to turn it into a functioning contemporary home.

Into the barns primary brick wall is cut a full height glazed entrance, terminating above the eaves line. A fully glazed opening is also created in the key gable end wall, behind which a dramatic double height space hosts the lounge. Internal glazed crittall doors in bronze allow shared light to permeate between spaces. On the upper floor, reclaimed timber beams connected with contemporary steel plates form new roof trusses, and an open office space looks down over the double height space and through the gable windows to the views beyond.

The kitchen and dining area is laid out in an open plan arrangement in the lofty single storey form, with the original timber roof trusses on display to glorious effect. A large opening is inserted the external wall, connecting the space to the sheltered courtyard outside and allowing sunlight to flood in.

To the original two elements of the barn, a third is added, a contemporary flat roof form, interlinked to the barn but aesthetically distinct and clad in timber. Large areas of glazed sliding doors allow greater connection of the inside sitting room to the garden and make the most of the views across the adjacent farmland.

A simple landscaping scheme and oak framed car port complete the scheme.

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