Residential Architects

At Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Designers, we have substantial experience designing and implementing a variety of housing types across a wide range of sizes and budgets, from extensions, renovations and conversions, to the largest purpose built new houses.

About Our Residential Architect Services

With each project we undertake, we understand the importance of developing a strong client relationship. This allows us to extract the best possible design solution for your budget. Through our bespoke approach, we add value to the project by developing innovative solutions. 

We go the extra mile to enhance your property and consequently your quality of life. Our attention to detail and the considered use of materials means no matter how closely you look, you will find quality and delight. 

Related Services

We can offer you full interior design services integrated into your architectural proposals. Most houses are equal parts external architectural form and internal spatial design. It pays to have the interior considered from the outset. This way the interior spaces can integrate with the external expression of the building, ensuring a coherent design language throughout.

Why Choose us as Your Residential Architects?

We work with you at every stage of the design and implementation process, working to the highest standards.

  • Our experts have experience of working on projects of all sizes. 
  • We are committed to improving people’s quality of life without impacting the ecological footprint. 
  • Collaboration is at the heart of our practice with clients, engineers, consultants, other designers and artists.

Hire Our Residential Architects 

If you want to transform your living environment, contact us today for high quality expertise.