Professional Residential Architects

At Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Designers, we have substantial experience designing and implementing a variety of housing types across a wide range of sizes and budgets, from extensions, renovations and conversions, to the largest purpose built new houses.

About Our Residential Architect Services

With each project we undertake, we understand the importance of developing a strong client relationship. This allows us to extract the best possible design solution for your budget. Through our bespoke approach, we add value to the project by developing innovative solutions. 

We go the extra mile to enhance your property and consequently your quality of life. Our attention to detail and the considered use of materials means no matter how closely you look, you will find quality and delight. 

Related Services

We can offer you full interior design services integrated into your architectural proposals. Most houses are equal parts external architectural form and internal spatial design. It pays to have the interior considered from the outset. This way the styling of the interior spaces can be integrated with the external expression of the building, ensuring a coherent design language throughout.

Why Choose Andrew Wallace As Your High-End Residential Architect?

We work with you at every stage of the design and implementation process, working to the highest standards. Our experts have experience working on projects of all sizes. 

Additionally, we are committed to improving people’s quality of life without impacting the ecological footprint. Collaboration is at the heart of our practice with clients, engineers, consultants, other designers, and artists.

Hire Our Luxury Residential Architects 

You can count on our luxury residential architects for high-quality expertise and help with any project, no matter how big or small. Contact us today for further information by clicking the button below.


See our FAQs below if you have questions about high-end residential architects.

What Is a High-End Residential Architect?

A high-end residential architect is highly skilled and attentive to details. To understand your requirements, lifestyle, and design preferences, they will work closely with you. We do exactly this at Andrew Wallace Architects, ensuring that we communicate thoroughly to understand your requirements.

How Experienced Are Andrew Wallace Architects in Luxury Architecture?

Andrew Wallace Architects boasts a wealth of experience in luxury architecture, accumulated through more than two decades of successfully executed projects. Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of high-profile assignments, from exclusive residences to prestigious estates. Our team’s extensive expertise allows us to navigate the intricate landscape of luxury architecture with finesse, ensuring that each project reflects the pinnacle of design sophistication and functionality.

Our architects are well-versed in the nuances of luxury living, staying abreast of industry trends and incorporating the latest advancements in architecture and design. This depth of experience positions Andrew Wallace Architects as a leader in the field, capable of delivering bespoke solutions that meet the expectations of even the most discerning clients.

I’m Not Sure What Design I Want. What Should I Do?

At Andrew Wallace Architects, our architects can offer creative solutions. As previously mentioned, we will work closely with you to determine what you want, what would work, and how it will be executed. Our architects are here to help you.

How Much Does a Residential Architect Cost?

Securing the services of a residential architect is an important step in realising your project, and comprehending the associated costs is crucial for effective budgeting. The expense of a residential architect in the UK can fluctuate depending on factors like project intricacy, location, and the architect’s expertise.

Investing in a skilled residential architect can significantly elevate the design quality and functionality of your home, making it a worthwhile and valuable expenditure in the pursuit of your ideal living space. If you would like to know how much your project would cost, please get in touch and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for the work.

Contact us today for a personalized consultation and detailed project estimate.

How Closely Will We Work Alongside Your Architects?

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our architectural process at Andrew Wallace Architects. From the initial conceptualization to the final stages of construction, our architects work closely with clients to ensure their vision is fully realized. We value open communication and believe in the importance of client involvement throughout the design stages.

Our approach is characterized by a commitment to understanding your preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations. This collaborative ethos ensures that the end result is not only architecturally stimulating but also a true reflection of your individuality.

By working closely alongside our architects, you become an integral part of the creative journey, contributing to the development of a residence that goes beyond meeting expectations, creating a living space that truly feels like home. 

If we haven’t answered your question, get in touch here.

What Is Luxury in Architecture?

Luxury in architecture extends beyond mere extravagance; it encapsulates a holistic approach that combines aesthetics, functionality, and attention to detail. At Andrew Wallace Architects, we define luxury as the seamless integration of artistry, innovation, and timeless design. It’s about creating living spaces that transcend the ordinary, providing an immersive experience that aligns with the unique lifestyle and preferences of our clients.

Luxury architecture, for us, involves the meticulous selection of materials, the application of advanced technologies, and a commitment to creating spaces that evoke a sense of exclusivity and refinement. It’s an approach that goes beyond trends, aiming for enduring elegance and sophistication.

By embracing the principles of luxury in architecture, we ensure that each project undertaken by Andrew Wallace Architects is a bespoke solution, tailored to the individual aspirations and tastes of our discerning clients. Explore further insights into the realm of luxury architecture by clicking here.

How Much Does a High-End Architect Cost?

The cost of hiring a high-end architect is influenced by various factors, including the complexity of the project, size, location, and specific client requirements.

At Andrew Wallace Architects, we understand the importance of transparent and fair pricing. We provide bespoke quotes tailored to each project, ensuring that our clients receive a comprehensive understanding of the investment required.

While luxury architecture comes with a premium price, our commitment to clarity in our pricing structure (typically a percentage of the project cost) ensures that clients have a clear understanding of our fee which is directly correlated with the project cost. Our goal is to deliver exceptional value, combining design excellence with cost transparency to create an enriching experience for our clients.