The brief from the client given to Architects Bolton, Andrew Wallace, was for a five-bedroom family dwelling with a separate pool house containing a swimming pool, gym and guest house.

Responding to the secluded woodland site, it was natural to exploit the beautiful landscape and views as a catalyst for conceptualising the contemporary design. This was achieved by placing the house in the commanding position at the top of the site with the pool house below nestling in a natural step, thereby maintaining clear views from the house across the site and to the horizon. The landscape has been raised to form a level plane from the main house to the roof of the pool building, creating extra garden for the client. An existing avenue of tall trees protrude through circular holes in leaf shaped shallow pools, creating a poetic combination of black reflective planes and dramatic, sculptural verticality, especially when up-lit at night from beneath the water.

The first floor of the house rests on the ground floor in an expression of muscular compression, with contrasting materials to emphasis the floating nature of the upper layer. A primary supporting beam projects from the house as a dynamic physical connection to the landscape, adding to the impression of structural gymnastics.

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