The client brief involved the design of a new build single storey television studio for G-Sky-B that provides a film set and platform for interior and exterior filming. The building is located adjacent to the Granada television studio in Manchester.

The new studio was conceived as a pavilion building with a simple plan and open volume form. This allowed filming both into and beyond it, maximizing visual penetration with minimum solar intrusion from the views out towards the south and south-east.

The strength of the timber façade provides a natural interface with the garden by seamlessly abutting the buildings skin to the timber floor plane of the landscape garden area. The western red cedar was carefully selected for both economy and long life. Eventually a silver grey weather layer will be formed, protecting the cedar board from the loss of its natural tannin protection. Time and weather will only add to this structure.

This project was undertaken while in the employment of bdp who were the lead consultants on the project.

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