The brief was to design a luxury four-star hotel centred around a luxurious spa retreat consisting of 100 bedrooms, conference facilities, restaurant and bar.

The design of the hotel was driven by three main concerns; 1) The programme, with the emphasis on functionality, clear division of public and private realms and cost-effectiveness, with particular attention paid to ground conditions given its proximity to the coast; 2) The surrounding context, including the existing street crescent; 3) The desire for the building to have a clear narrative, to be readable as a form derived from its site on the coast.

The building is located on the western coast and the wind that whips off the Irish Sea, along with coastal features in general, has dictated the theme of erosion that has been used to inform the design, giving the impression that the force of the waves has worn a hole in the landscape over time. The building can also be read as a large wave, rising from its calm pool to the towering peak.

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