The interior design of your business can help existing and new clients feel more comfortable with the services and products you provide. It can also offer an enhanced working environment for your employees, potentially boosting morale. In this blog, we discuss the importance of commercial interior design and how you can start the process. So why is interior design important?

Commercial interior design is important for businesses because it creates a welcoming environment for clients, employees and customers. Productivity can be boosted by utilising the practicality of the available space. You are also investing in the future of the business by allowing space for growth.  

Read on to find out more about commercial interior design and why it’s important. 

How Important is Commercial Interior Design?

The exterior of your business is not the only thing that will draw new customers or clients in. Although great signage and well dressed windows can play a huge part, the interior design of your office or shop front is also a vital aspect of creating a space where clients and customers can feel comfortable with your services or products. 


If your business has frequent visits from clients, customers or business partners, a welcoming and comfortable interior design will create a good impression before you even start speaking. For potential new employees, showing your well-designed workspace will also create the ideal first impression that your company is welcoming. This is also the ideal way to show off the culture of your business, for example with a photo wall celebrating your staff.


When you are starting your commercial interior design journey, start with the exact purpose of the space and work from there. Consider whether you would like to add breakout areas, quiet meeting space or more aesthetically pleasing greenery. 

Improving practicality could simply be providing more available working space for your rapidly expanding team. This also provides the perfect opportunity to upgrade any outdated equipment and take full advantage of the available space by allowing staff to use multiple screens. 


When you provide comfortable interior design, the morale of your business is sure to increase. The more comfortable your employees are while working, the more likely they are to work more efficiently, boosting productivity. Whether it’s new chairs and desks or some fun art on the walls, make your workspace unique and inspiring. Removing any unnecessary clutter and providing storage solutions will also allow employees to focus on the important aspects of their role. 

Future Planning

Investing in a high-quality workspace is investing in the future of your business and your employees. As productivity and morale increase, you can start thinking about your future goals, including expanding your team. High quality commercial interior design is a worthy investment that will last for years to come.

What Are the Important Aspects of Commercial Interior Design?

When planning your commercial interior design, there are a few important aspects you should consider. 


Planning your commercial interior design to ensure you fully utilise your available space is a great place to start. Try to avoid overcrowding by balancing the amount of furniture in each area. 

If your business operates from an office environment, consider how fast you will expand in the next few years and accommodate enough individual work spaces. Also decide whether you want to add any additional private areas or rooms for meetings and quiet work. 

On the other hand, if you run a shop-ype business, leave plenty of room in between your product displays to ensure customers can navigate easily through your shop. Consider whether adding seats, changing rooms or restrooms would benefit your business and add to customer satisfaction. 


Lighting is another important factor to think about as this can set the mood for your workspace. If your space is too dark, this can seem unwelcoming to customers and they may struggle to see the products you offer. However, avoid making them too bright as this can be off-putting.. Where possible, use natural light from windows or doors and compliment with other lighting.


The colour of furniture and walls can also help to set the tone of your business and welcome customers in. Remember that different cultures may interpret colours in different ways. Depending on the style of your business, you may choose to go completely unique with bright, bold colours, however this doesn’t match every business. 

Blues and greens are often considered relaxing which would be ideal for an office environment. Think about adding a pop of colour to your walls with decals, paintings and plants. This can help an office or shop stand out from the crowd and feel more homely.  

Work together with your expert commercial interior designers to find a design that works for the needs of your business, staff and clients or customers. This is an investment that will last long into your business’ future so don’t rush your decisions.

Expert Commercial Interior Design With Andrew Wallace Architects

At Andrew Wallace Architects, we offer expert commercial interior design services to suit the needs of your business. We understand that every business is completely unique, which is why we work with you at every step of the design process. Enquire today to find out more about how we can boost your business to the next level.

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