Andrew Wallace, from Andrew Wallace Architects, an architect and interior designer from Liverpool went to Rome he saw the work of David Chipperfield for the Brand Valentino.

David Chipperfield Architects in collaboration with Valentino Creative Directors designed new flagship to develop Valentino’s retail worldwide and new store marks a key moment in the evolution of the store concept on the world stage. 
Following the original store concept principles of combining old and new in a sequence of spaces filled with luxurious solid materials and finishes, the Valentino stores have increasingly become places of substance rather than transient showroom fit-outs. The new format is designed to complement the retail on display, pure forms in a palette of grey Venetian terrazzo with Carrara chippings, timber and marble allow the visitor to focus on the collections in an unobtrusive architectural environment.
The store features hard Venetian terrazzo and marble surfaces are paired with soft carpets to create the impression of a grand Italian house. The collection is displayed on suspended elements and oak shelving, supported by polished brass fixtures around the perimeter. The wood is continued on vitrines and display cases on all floors, contrasting with Carrara marble podiums also used to presented accessories.
«The store concept combines old and new in order to generate a kind of palazzo atmosphere, steering away from a pure showroom and promoting a new retail architectural format in place of a more traditional retail boutique structure,» said Valentino. «The architecture is designed to complement the pieces on display, making use of a range of discreetly opulent materials to focus attention on the collections and evoke a sense of intimacy.»

Liverpool architects and achitects elsewhere in the UK may be interested to see his work too.