Andrew Wallace ,of Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Designers from Liverpool, went to Paris this summer and visited the LouisVuitton Fondation. 

1980, New York, USA. Lives and works in Johannesburg.
Born into an activist family returned from the USA at the end of apartheid, this artist questions memory and through it the idea of heroes. These are the 16 portraits composing the series ‘Heroes’ That the artist developed after the death of Nelson Mandela in December 2001. Based on photographs found on the internet, she creates head and shoulder portraits using close framing and an identical format. Africans of the continent or the diaspora, in South Africa or elsewhere, famous or anonymous, historic or contemporary, this collection in process brings together committed cultural figures, victims of violence and homicides, activists from the anti-apartheid struggle, political, historical and even family figures.

Liverpool Architects and Architects elsewhere in the UK may be interested to go to this exibition to discover a lot of international artist. 

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