Andrew Wallace, from Andrew Wallace Architects, an architect and interior designer from Liverpool went to an exhibition in Rome and saw different project like the unrelease project of a bridge over the Strait of Messina.

The group led by Sergio Musmeci developed the project of a 3,000-metre signle-span suspension bridge with 600-metre high pillars and a very original suspension system to reinforce the structure both vertically, so as to enable road and rail traffic, and horizontally, so as to withstand wind and avoid excessive deformation. It is a tensile structure with two state of the art steel antenna towers located between the sea and the two shores. The antenna towers support the bearing cable system inluding a 2k-kilometre span lenght and two side lengths of500 metres ach. The project of the bridge comes with the planning survey by the Quaroni group for the Regione dllo Stretto town, which includes new areas for urban , residential and industrial services, as wll historical, artistic and landscape projection ones.

Liverpool architects and achitects elsewhere in the UK may be interested to go to this exhibition. 

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