As award-winning architects in Manchester, AWA understands the importance of sustainability in modern design. And it appears we’re not alone, with the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) recently calling on the government to put environmental issues first when constructing new-builds.

The CCC made a number of recommendations in a new progress report that highlighted the dangers of ignoring energy efficiency measures. One of the key suggestions was the development of new infrastructure that helps tackle encroaching climate change.

Measures that could affect interior designers in Bury and across the UK included the introduction of standards to enable passive cooling in existing structures and the prevention of overheating in future projects.

A zero-carbon homes standard is crucial, the CCC said, provided the policy is not further weakened. The committee also urged the government to consider how the increased risk of flooding spurred by climate change could have an adverse impact on the country’s homes and businesses.

Julie Hirigoyen, chief executive of the UK Green Building Council (UKGBC), welcomed the CCC’s advice. She said the government seemed to recognise the importance of reducing emissions in a cost-effective manner.

“No sector provides a better opportunity to do this than buildings, in which energy efficiency can stimulate economic activity, lower bills and strengthen our energy security,” Ms Hirigoyen added.

However, the CCC report also noted that efforts to boost sustainable building are currently flagging. Ms Hirigoyen stated the government must follow the committee’s advice and implement an action plan that prioritises energy efficiency in homes, while protecting buildings from climate change.