Andrew Wallace, from Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Designers, an architect and interior designer from Liverpool went to an exhibition in Rome and saw different project like the San Pasquale metro station in Naples by the architect Boris Podrecca.

The project aims at connecting the two opposed worlds of Naples, namely the daytime surface and the underground, the latter being  unknown before the intervention. The project area was underwater until the 800s ; thusly, the new square and station are thematically linked to water. Passengers who go underground enter an underwater wolrd, where ligth blue modular panels cover the sides walls. Inside this space, a metallic shell containig station machinery, completely independent from the outer structure, is found. The square resembles the beach thanks to its surfaces, which were shaped drawing inspiration from the back-and-forth movement of water. Waves are formed and interrupted by gree «atolls» delimited by corten steel seats. 

Liverpool architects and achitects elsewhere in the UK may be interested to go to this exhibition.