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Bernad Zehrfuss , Jean Prouvé - The Mame printworks in Tours.

Andrew Wallace ,of Andrew Wallace Architects + Interior Designers from Liverpool, went to Paris this summer and visited the Centre Pompidou where there was an exhibition about Jean Prouvé.

The Mame printworks represents an iportant mileston in the work of Bernard Zehrfuss, being his first project in France after an early carrer in unisi. It was equally a milestone for Jean Prouvé  : the metal shed roof (whose asymmetric structure has the north-facing glazing typical of factory roofs) would inspire the «shell» form, so enriching his constructional vocabulary. Prouvé was asked by the architect to produce the shed roofs of the workshopss and the ligth constructions set on the terrace roof  of the multi-floored administrative office.

Liverpool architects and achitects elsewhere in the UK may be interested to go to this exhibition.