Andrew Wallace, from Andrew Wallace Architects, an architect and interior designer from Liverpool went to London and saw the  Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain. 

The design expresses the concept of ‘Reaching out – letting in’, taken from the qualities of the Princess of Wales that were most loved; her inclusiveness and accessibility. The fountain’s sculptural form is integrated into the natural slope of land in London’s Hyde Park and is designed to radiate energy as well as draw people inwards. A popular place for visitors to engage with the water, the fountain has detailed grooves and channels which combine with air jets to animate the water and create different effects such as a ‘Chadar Cascade’, a ‘Swoosh’, ‘Stepped Cascade’, ‘Rock and Roll’ and a still basin at the bottom. 

The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain pushed the boundaries of landscape design in the United Kingdom and received overwhelming public acclaim since completion. Gustafson Porter + Bowman are proud of the incredible collaborative effort required to deliver one of the most high-profile landscape projects in the world.

Liverpool architects and achitects elsewhere in the UK may be interested to see this structure.