Manchester architectsLiverpool architectsCheshire architects and elsewhere in the UK may be interested to go on Liverpool’s creative hub at the Bluecoat.

This year, is the 300th birthday celebrations of Art at the Heart of Bluecoat, an exhibition charting the history of art and artists in the Bluecoat building. The popular heritage display continues with an additional focus on the building’s architectural developments. Archival materials – drawings, plans and photographs – explore Bluecoat as home for a school of architecture, post-war renovations, Biq Architecten’s 2008 scheme, and artists’ architectural interventions. All of this, accompanied by a display of University of Liverpool architecture students’ responses to the building.

The building has been open in 1717 but the connection with art and artists begins much later, in 1906, when the school who had inhabited the building moved out to larger premises in Wavertree. Within a year, a group of practicing artists moved in and established a creative hub. A hub which is still thriving today and has become a key player in Liverpool’s contemporary art scene.

With broad brush strokes the story of art and artists who have visited Bluecoat, developed and then grown into key influencers across a range of art forms is painted. Claiming that Bluecoat was the “UKs first arts centre housing: visual and performing arts; social and educational events; and working studios for artists, designers, architects and cultural societies.”

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