Minimalist decoration

Is this bed actually floating? No, it’s just a clever optical illusion, but it looks great and with lighting included, really looks minimal and stunning! With heritage roof beams and textural walls in place, nothing else is needed here and it still looks wonderfully usable and chic!

Bedroom that will make you feel at peace

One thing many people think about in zen culture is using wood and stone. These materials add a natural element to the room, integrating the outside with the interior. Zen is the idea of getting back to basics and being one with the world, so naturally these elements play a big part in zen design. This room incorporates wooden ceiling beams with stone walls to create a very natural environment. The white dividing wall, which so graciously incorporates the wooden beam, breaks up the bathroom, which is designed in marble. The floating bed and shelves are made up of wood, matching the two steps and door. Bright sunshine makes its way through and enlightens this beautiful minimalist bedroom.

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The brief for the projet was to renovate the areas of the building that had become run down, make sense of these disparate parts and bring them all together as a unified whole, and create light filled spaces that function as a modern home with all the accommodation requirements this entails, plus a section of the house capable of functioning as a separate flat for another family member.

In order to understand the historic elements more clearly, site investigation work was undertaken to discover what was original and what had been rebuilt, what was in good condition and what was not. Advice was sought from the local authority conservation officer as to what their objectives would be for the remodelling of the buildings.