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Founded in 2000 AWA provides full architecture, master planning, and interior design for both public and private sectors.

Our practice subscribes to the view that the quality of design influences our lives. Our efforts to achieve design quality have led to significant levels of experience in designing the built environment. This has been gained from working on projects across the spectrum of size, from small scale domestic projects to urban master planning.

AWA is committed to providing architecture of a high calibre that responds to its environment and addresses issues of context and sustainability. Our design process ensures that technical innovation, performance and delivery are given as much weight as the conventional values of form, space, materials and light.

To date AWA has been shorlisted and won over twenty-six architectural awards both local and RIBA credited.

AWA’s approach is defined by six key principles:

Diversity. Our practice portfolio contains a wide range of projects from commercial, residential, retail, workspaces and arts. The practice enjoys the stimulus of diversity and benefits from the cross fertilisation of ideas.

Sustainability. Andrew Wallace has been an associate lecturer at Manchester University School of Architecture for over ten years teaching Bioclimatic architecture, therefore recognises that good design is compatible with economic, social and environmental well-being. All of the practices work is carried out with rigorous objectivity with a view to positively improving peoples lives without having a detrimental effect on the ecological footprint. We recognise however, as architects we are only as powerful as our clients vision. But equally we believe that we have to try to persuade clients and developers to adopt sustainable strategies, even small steps in the right direction are better than none at all.

Delight. Regardless of function and building type, AWA’s projects are recognised for their flair, visual clarity and sense of space.

Analysis. All projects are approached in a consistent way, with thorough consultation and analysis preceding design: there is a strong belief that a project must work in practice to be successful and sustainable. The analysis also embraces the spirit of a project – how it relates to its surroundings, its history and its people. The rigorous and transparent appraisal of options forms the basis of a successful strategy. Analytical diagrams are used extensively.

Collaboration is at the heart of AWA’s approach, not only with the client, engineers, consultants and other designers, but also with artists. The practice regularly collaborates with other architectural practices where pressure of workload or location demand. In all such arrangements, AWA operate an open and inclusive working methodology but also provide strong leadership if required.

Delivery. For AWA, delivery and design are inseparable. A strong culture of effective management, from briefing right through to handover and beyond, has resulted in an exceptional track record of projects that work for their clients and have been delivered on time and to budget.